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Planner Fairy

Welcome to Planner Fairy!
The shop first opened on October 3, 2016. I really wanted to create a planner sticker shop, but I wanted to make sure I created a product that was unique and filled a void in the planner community. The idea behind our boxes that cover all three boxes in vertical planners literally came to me in a dream. From then on, I was determined to figure out how to make this kit come to life. The shop has evolved a lot since the first prototype kit and we eventually added the mural kits that create an entire background image in your weekly planner spreads.
The name "Planner Fairy" came from the idea of the cleaning fairy. You know, the magical little being that supposedly comes to your house while you're sleeping and tidies everything up? Yeah, I haven't had the pleasure of encountering the cleaning fairy yet either. I originally wanted to take that mentality and create a line of stickers that cleaned your planner of clutter, but still made everything beautiful. I'm not quite sure I'm still headed in that direction, but Planner Fairy has stuck and I'm in love with the excuse to create all the sparkly and magical things.
I take great care with the creation of each design and quality of my stickers from the paper, down to the printer ink I use. Providing high quality stickers and superb customer service are my highest priorities. My hope is that my stickers will at least bring one smile to each visitor who peruses my shop.
XO- Jenn